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A PHOTOGRAPH WILL BE ON DISPLAY at the ArtEast UpFront Gallery on Front St. in Issaquah, WA from May 2nd - May 17 2014. Laurie Noel and I collaborated on a piece for the upcoming 150 Feet of Art show and auction.

The Show details are as follows:
Preview Reception: May 2. Artists only 4–6 pm; general public, 6–8 pm
Exhibition Dates: May 2–17
Final Auction Event: Saturday, May 17, 5–8 pm

Please, go check it out - and visit with us on the 2nd at the gallery!

I have always been a creative person and into a wide range of subjects. Even at an early age, people were always commenting on my photography. There was just some kind of unique way I looked at the world back then and in a way I am still looking at the world through the eyes of that amazed child. Our planet is just full of wonders and it always amazes me what we might find out there in nature - the details, the colors and the textures of life speak to me and I like to show that in the art and photography I create.



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